Book Your Next Appointment Online

Qurely Clinic offers easy access for current registered patients of this clinic to book their next appointment through MyHealthAccess.  This service is only available for family physicians and adult patients. For booking with pediatricians and specialists, and booking for kids, kindly consider to phone in for any appointment.

As of November 24th 2023, no family physician at this clinic accepts new patients to their practice. Those who have registered online for Meet & Greet with Dr Ambrose Isah and already are on the waiting list, they will be contacted when the time comes (within 4-5 months from the date they registered). As of 2023-NOV-23, we are booking patients who registered online in July to Aug 2023.  If you need to be seen by a family physician sooner, please consider other clinics who have an earlier spot available. Website  is a good place to start the search.

Most of the pediatricians at this clinic are accepting new patients to their practice. We would need a referral sent to this clinic directed to a specific pediatrician or to “first available pediatrician” from a health care provider. The referral can be faxed or mailed, and the waitlist to see a pediatrician from the date of referral receipt fluctuates based on the season of the year, and it is usually between one week up to three months. 

We wish you and yours good health and happiness.